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Starting a healthier life

Starting a healthier life

Hi. I´m Kati. At this point in my life I am totally untrained. With this blog I will start a journey to a fitter, healthier life. I am no expert in neither fitness or nutrition, I will just follow my intuition to what is good for me.
Today is the first day of the rest of my life. My healthy life. Let´s get started.
I thought I´d start easy, since I haven´t exercised for ages. Say about a year at least. So I went out for a brisk walk. I walked for one hour. The distance was 5,5 kilometres. When I got home I did some light stretching. I then continued with a 30 minute workout with a kettlebell. And oh boy did my legs (!) burn… Must have been the squat exercises. After that I did some more stretching.