Spaghetti Carbonara

Treating high blood pressure with food

A big lifestyle change

One week ago I weighed 68 kg. I was still on 50 mg Metoprolol and constantly tired. And just getting bigger and bigger.. My occasional struggles to exercise were hard, I haven’t got much free time for that. But last Wednesday I decided to start eating according to the DASH (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension). But in my own way. I talked with an aunt of mine who has lost 10 kg since last November and she doesn’t need to take medication for high bloodpressure anymore. She has about the same sort of diet that I now follow. I have minimized salt and sugar as much as possible. I don’t use any salt at all when I cook. I also avoid carbohydrates. I eat alot of vegetables and fruits. Light yogurt with no flavour. I eat fish and sometimes meat.
I went to see a doctor about my medication. I really really don’t like Metoprolol. I got ok from her to SLOWLY start weaning off them. So since last Wednesday I only take 25 mg Metoprolol. And I already feel alot better!
***Never stop taking betablockers without talking to your doctor!***
Since last Wednesday, one week ago I have lost 4 kg. Now I weigh 64 kg.
To be continued…